Purchase of equipment

You want to renew one of your equipment, but you do not have the budget. Have you thought about selling them?
If so, we are takers!

To obtain a preliminary assessment, please fill out the form below. One of our technicians will contact you either by e-mail or by phone in order to carry out a preliminary evaluation according to the information that you have provided us.

Some criteria will be considered when evaluating your device or equipment. The appearance, function, degree of wear and accessories included will be taken into account. Our technicians will also estimate the product's demand on the market.

We can do a preliminary assessment based on the information provided, but one of our technicians must do a physical examination of your device or equipment to confirm its approximation.

A: Used equipment in perfect condition, the device must have less than 1000 trigger, still be on sale at the time of redemption, original packaging and all original accessories.

B: Used equipment 95% to 99% of the original condition, showing little or no sign of wear

C: Used equipment 80% to 95% of the condition of origin, showing signs of normal wear due to the use of the device, slight scratching or defect and on the glass without loss of image quality

D: Used equipment 70% to 79% of the original condition, showing more obvious signs of wear such as scratches, bumps, imperfections on the case and also on the glass without the image quality being affected.

E: The equipment has many deep scratches, bumps and traces of all kinds. The glass will also have marks of imperfections that affect image quality.

Present yourself in store to have a complete evaluation.

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