Entrust your photos
to our specialists!

Do you have old photos or damaged photos that require restoration, colorization, repairs or retouching ? We can give them their original appearance.

We handle your family treasures with the utmost care. We first scan your photo to create a digital copy, so we avoid over-manipulating your original photo. Then we use state-of-the-art technology to enhance your photo and bring it back to its original state . Once the restoration is complete, we engrave your new photo on a CD.

We evaluate all your requests for in-store restorations and retouch for FREE to determine the cost. Come see us!

Minor retouch
• Color correction.
• Red-eye removal.
• Brightness adjustment.
• Contrast adjustment.
• Cropping.
• Teeth whitening.
• And much more ...
Minimum charge*
500 $
Major restoration
• Elimination of a scar, a tattoo, etc.
• Addition or removal of elements or individuals.
• Modification of the background.
• Restoration of a color photo, black and white or sepia.
• Modification of a black and white photo in color.
• Modification of a color photo in black and white.
• Modification of a sepia color photo.
• And much more ...
Minimum charge*
2999 $

*Add archiving and scanning fees, if needed.

Please note that prices and deadlines are subject to change without notice.

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