& maintenance

In the event of a defect,
bring your product to PixM for a diagnosis.

Our team of professionals is perfectly qualified to check or repair your device before sending it to the after-sales service. In our experience, a repair is not always necessary. Rest assured that we will take care of having your device repaired by the best technicians. We will take it to the nearest Authorized Service Center. All Centers charge an examination fee and send an estimate.

The approximate time for a repair is 4 to 6 weeks. The delay may be longer depending on the level of goodwill of the manufacturer and the availability of parts.

Fee with guarantee Price
Device bought at PixM Photo Video* 1500 $
Device purchased at another store** 4000 $

*Exempt fee when you buy the Maximum Plan. More details

**Proof of purchase is required.

Please note that the manufacturer's warranty never covers damage caused by water or sand seepage as well as impact.

Fee OUT of warranty Price
Estimate and dispatch costs from 4000 $
The estimated cost varies by device type and manufacturer. These fees are deductible from the cost of repairs if the estimate is accepted.

Approximate repair costs:
• Compact digital: 125$
• Digital SLR: 250$
• Lens:150$
• Camcorder: 200$

Please note that prices and deadlines are subject to change without notice.

Do you have dust or dirt on your photos?

We can clean your sensor. The time is approximately 24 hours. We suggest that you come to the store with your battery full charge and charger (if needed).

Sensor cleaning Price
Hybrid camera, SLR, APS-C sensor and full frame 4999 $

Image blur and never in focus on your subject?

Your lenses do not offer the proper performance, we can proceed to the micro-positioning thereof. (Available on select devices only, check with a store advisor.) The approximate time is 24 hours. We suggest that you come to the store with your battery full charge and charger (if needed).

Micropositioning Price
First lens 3500 $
Extra lens 1500 $
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